Through the development of a knowledge sharing community in data education, the programme will work with schools, teachers and learners across the region to offer ways for young learners to both explore and experiment with data and seek pathways to develop their data skills across the 3-18 curriculum.

Our aim is to work with participating schools to:

  • Co-design and develop a data curriculum that will offer opportunities for learners across the city region to gain data skills and literacies.
  • Share knowledge, learning, challenges and successes with colleagues, parents and learners across the school’s network.
  • Develop a shared research agenda with Moray House and be an integral research partner in all aspects of the programme development.
  • Be at the forefront of community and industry partnerships in the development of data skills across the 3-18 curriculum.

We anticipate piloting a programme with a first group of interested schools in the 2020/2021 academic year with a wider development planned after this.

If you personally or your school is interested in learning more about the knowledge sharing community for data education, please email us at