The assessment for the Data Citizenship unit involved an online computer based assessment and a practical assessment.  We have made up an example practical assessment so that you can see what’s involved and be able to practice the sort of skills that will be involved in the real assessment.  Hopefully it will help you to see that it’s nothing to worry about!

This is part 2.  See part one for the links to the files and the first set of videos.

Manipulating the data:

Learn how to make a calculated column and thinking more about data quality (Practice for Task 6):

Doing conditional formatting (to change the colour of the cells depending on the value) (Practice for Task 6):

Calculated columns and conditional formatting (for Task 6):

Creating a summary table and getting the unique values from a column (for Task 7):

Using SumIf to add together all the matching values from a column (like adding up all the mammals) (practice for Task 7):

Using the AverageIf function to average all the matching values from a column (like averaging all the mammals life expectancy values) (for Task 7):

More in Part Three!