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This resource is part of a set of 6 lessons that make use of the book Dear Data by Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi.

Learning Intentions [Set of 6 lessons]

  • How to ask questions to allow more depth to data collected
  • How to uncover the story within the collected data
  • Using a visualisation to present the data so that others can discover information

Success criteria [Set of 6 lessons]

Have created a data self portrait using:

  • Adding depth questions to a data gathering task
  • Collecting data to match these questions
  • Interpreted the collected data to find the new information
  • Created a visualisation to allow fellow students and teachers to discover the information within your data

Learning Intentions [This Lesson]

  • I will learn how to create a visualisation from my data

Success Criteria [This Lesson]

  • Created my own visualisation about my own data


  • Pen/pencil & paper
  • Completed Data Collection worksheet (lesson 2)
  • Completed Tally Chart worksheet (lesson 3)
  • A key for the planned visualisation(lesson 4)
  • Completed visualisation (lesson 5)
  • Blank evaluation sheet

Main Activity

The slides take learners through a peer evaluation activity where they ask questions of each other’s data and visualisation.

In this lesson students will test another student’s key to make sure that they create a data box that looks the same as in the homework.

Then students will look to see if they can find an interesting cluster, grouping, or spread of data in their visualisation. Is there and interesting answer to the question that they created in lesson 2.