A collection of short 2-3min videos on how to teach data literacy and about the PPDAC framework we use for supporting learners to solve problems with data.

General videos about data literacy

What is data and what is data literacy? This video explains where data comes from and how it can be used to make decisions.
Why teach data literacy? This video explains why data literacy will help equip learners for the future and outlines the core skills needed to be data literate.

Why should my learners learn about data literacy? Data can be used to solve problems and improve lives. Whether or not learners intend to work in data science, we want young people to be informed critical activists. Learners can develop these skills at any age.

Tools for teaching data skills. This video explains how to gather and display data using tools already in the classroom or learning environment.

Data literacy in the curriculum. This video provides examples of how you may already be teaching learners core data skills.

Supporting learners to use data. This video explains the data cycle and how learners can use it to solve a problem.

Data ethics. Who do you trust with your data? This video explains why it is important to be critical of decisions made using data, be aware of possible bias and of your rights and responsibilities about data privacy.

How is data used in real life? This video explains how data is used by us as data citizens and provides examples of how data is used in a range of work settings (manufacturing, hospitality).

The PPDAC cycle (Problem, Plan, Data, Analysis, Conclusion)

The Data Cycle – Problem and Plan. This video explains the first part of the data cycle, identifying a problem to explore, planning what data could be used to explore the problem and reflecting critically and ethically on their proposed data.

The Data Cycle – Data and Analysis. This video explains how learners can collect, organise and sort their data in a range of ways before analysing it and reflecting on their analysis and conclusions.

The Data Cycle – Conclusions. Find out about this key stage of the PPDAC (problem, plan, data, analysis, conclusion) cycle, explaining results and storytelling with data.