Supporting teachers and learners is at the heart of what we do. The team is here to provide data education expertise to support teachers and young people to access a wide range of data learning tailored to their needs and setting.

Professional learning workshops

Book professional learning workshops in the Edinburgh and South East of Scotland area.

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4 Day data literacy courses

These courses, developed by experts in the field of digital and data literacy, data science and both primary and secondary teaching, are an innovative and exciting opportunity for professional development.

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We have developed and curated a range of resources to support both BGE and the NPA

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NPA in Data Science

The NPA in Data Science was set up in 2019 and is available now at schools and colleges within the city region. If you are interested in offering the NPA at your school, find out more here.

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Teach Data Literacy: a Guide for Primary Teachers

A resource developed to support teachers to enhance opportunities for all to build the skills and habits of mind relevant to data problem-solving.

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Our framework for data teaching and learning provides a clear structure for learners at all stages.