We have developed a range of Data Education Resources to support teachers offering data learning in their classroom. We aim to provide a wide range of content from short settling activities through to comprehensive units of learning that encourage learners to develop a more in-depth understanding. We offer resources that do not use technology as well as those that do. You can filter for resources that use devices in the Topics & Themes section.  You can also search by things like the type of activity, related Scottish curricular area, current issues and more.

All resources are free to edit to allow each teacher to tailor it to their class or setting. We have sought to provide both the original file (such as Word or Powerpoint) as well as a pdf. Resources developed by the Data Education for Schools team are predominately structured around the PPDAC Problem Solving Framework.

If you require a resource in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact dataschools@ed.ac.uk detailing which resource(s) you require.

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The PPDAC Framework is the pedagogocal approach used to deliver Data Education. You can read more about each stage within the website.

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Latest Resources

Micro:bit Data Monsters

Make a Micro:bit Monster and put it to work collecting data for you! In this lesson, learners will code a micro:bit to show a face and make sounds, as well as sense the ambient temperature. The learners can then design a papercraft monster to fit round the micro:bit, and decide where in the classroom or school they will put their monster.

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DataFit – Developing Data & Physical Activity Literacy

The DataFit mission is to simultaneously increase data literacy and physical activity literacy.

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Experiences and Outcomes

This Excel sheet is a guide to the Experiences and Outcomes in the Scottish 'Broad General Education' curriculum that feature data literacy.

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Water Pollution – Developing Data Literacy Skills

This resource introduces an understanding of water pollution, what is it, how do we measure it and why does it matter.  Young people are encouraged to develop data literacy skills through an understanding of water. This material was taken from our Webinar - Making a Splash with Data

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What’s Going on in this Graph – SDGs & Water

This resource develops learner's data interpretation skills by asking " What's going on in this graph?"  This material was taken from our Webinar – Making a Splash with Data

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CityFibre’s ‘Internet for All’ Data Challenge

NPA Data Science: Level 6 assessment exemplar How do we make sure everyone in Scotland as fast internet access? The Scottish Government has committed to having superfast broadband access to all by the end of 2021. Grants are in place for suppliers to help deliver this mission.

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