Learners will become Trainee Agents of DATA to defend Scotland against the villainous high-tech VIKINGS! They will solve puzzles to defeat the evil time-travelling villains and foil their dastardly plans.  The Agents will have to use graphs, charts, maps and logic to uncover the plots and crack the secret codes. Along the way they are introduced to the basics of internet infrastructure, data centres, cybersecurity, and other digital and data skills topics.

These resources officially launched on Friday 10th November, 2023! The activities are listed in a suggested order, but can be done in any order. You can find the full set of escape room resources below.

Top Secret Brief (Introduction)

Educator’s Guide

Curricular Outcomes


Image with poster showing 'Logic Puzzles Agent Briefing'

Activity 1: Agent Briefing Logic Puzzles


Decorative image of a safe with door open, cartoon style

Activity 2: Locked in the DATA base


Decorative image of map

Activity 3: Find the VIKINGS Secret Lair


Image of a monitor with the phrase 'Agent briefing, stop the time heist' displayed, surrounded by illustrated characters

Activity 4: Stop the Time Heist!


Additional activities

Create your own Escape Room

Printable certificates for trainee agents


If you require these resources in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact dataschools@ed.ac.uk with subject line ‘accessible resource request’.

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