On Friday 10th November over 1000 learners from across Scotland joined Data Education in Schools as part of our newest live lesson activity.

Decorative image of presenters at Live Lesson event

Image: Agent K and Agent J locked in the DATA base

The event imagined learners had been locked in a room while working late on paperwork from a recent DATA mission. Using a series of data worksheets learners used a variety of information to find the code and unlock the room to escape.

Decorative image of example worksheets from the live lesson activity

This first ‘Locked in the DATA base’ event coincided with Computer Science week Scotland 2023, organised by Education Scotland. Over 40 schools from across Scotland signed up to attend our data escape event.

The ‘Locked in the DATA base’ live lesson has been developed by Kate Farrell (Director of Curriculum Development) and Jasmeen Kanwal (Project Officer) with the visuals and resources designed by Elspeth Maxwell.

The escape room activity can be played outside of the live event format with all resources now available on the Locked in the DATA base resource page.

We’ll share details of the event recording in due course. Follow us on Twitter @data_schools or sign up to receive our newsletter (via our homepage) to be notified when the recording is available.

If you were one of the 1000+ Agents of DATA that managed to escape and are looking for a new mission, why not try:

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