This activity is part of our set of Data-themed Escape Rooms. For background info on the DATA Agency and the VIKINGS villains, read our Top Secret Brief.

Briefing for Agents: The VIKINGS are trying to build a new secret mega lair. Discover the location to foil their plans! We don’t have enough DATA Agents to check out all the possible locations. Use information to narrow down the possibilities so that we can send out Agents to the most likely target.

Description of learners’ task: Learners plot sets of information (bunkers, wind farms and data centres) onto a map of Scotland to work out possible locations of the secret lair. Along the way they are introduced to the basics of how the internet works with data centres and undersea fibre optic cables.

Timing: Approx. 60 minutes.


Extension activities:

  • Draw the secret lair. Draw the floorplan to help pass on this intelligence to other agents.
  • Plan a new headquarters for the DATA Agency. What will you need in your building? What would be the best location for it?

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