This activity is part of our set of Data-themed Escape Rooms. For background info on the DATA Agency and the VIKINGS villains, read our Top Secret Brief.

Briefing for Agents: You will need to study the intelligence that the DATA Agency has on the local VIKINGS operatives. However, our information has been hacked and muddled. Use logical reasoning to work out which of the VIKINGS is which.

Description of learners’ task: Learners use clues and logical reasoning to work out information about each of the VIKINGS villains. They will use a logic grid to match the name, expertise, location and pet of the four VIKINGS.

Timing: This activity will take 30-60 minutes, depending on whether learners try the example puzzle as well as the main logic grid puzzle.


Extension activities:

  • Draw pictures of the VIKINGS villains to pass on to new DATA trainees
  • Write out the backstory of one of the VIKINGS. What turned them evil?

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