This activity is part of our set of Data-themed Escape Rooms. For background info on the DATA Agency and the VIKINGS villains, read our Top Secret Brief.

Briefing for Agents: Create an escape room activity for your fellow Agents. This will be a set of puzzles where a group of players will need to find all the clues and keys, decrypt all the codes and solve all the puzzles to exit the room within a time limit.

Description of learners’ task: Learners work in a group to create a themed escape room with a set of puzzles that needs solved to ‘escape’. Learners are encouraged to think about the logical progression of the puzzles and to think about the inputs and outputs of each puzzle.

Timing: The length of this project-style activity will depend on your learners and the depth and detail they go into for the planning. You will need to allow time for the groups to playtest their rooms and then run them with another group (or more).


If you require a resource in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact detailing which resource(s) you require.