Here you can access a range of video clips on topics relevant to industry professionals preparing for work in a computing classroom.  There are two options for engaging with these clips.  

  1. Watch the complete playlist (approx 40 minutes) via this link
  2. Select and watch individual clips in your own time.

Video 1 – What to expect from your first school visit

What do industry volunteers say about entering in the classroom?  What do you need to know before you arrive?  What should students call you?  What should you wear?

Video 2 – Basics of Child Protection

Basic information on child protection in Scotland.

Video 3 – Overview of CS curriculum in Scotland

How computing is covered in the Scottish curriculum for learners aged 3-18.

Video 4 – Being a role model for the digital industry

The importance of being a role model in the classroom.  The value of asking digital ambassadors questions.  How to bring learners into conversations about industry news.  Making links between the curriculum and your profession.

Video 5 – Answering questions about your job

Championing the digital and technology sector.  What do you enjoy the most about your job or sector?

Video 6 – How to answer learners’ technical questions

Some tips about answering learners’ question about technical topics.  Learners benefit from solving technical tasks with you, understanding the process you go through to solve a problem.