Make a Micro:Pet that smiles and sings! In this lesson, learners will code a micro:bit to show a face and make sounds. The learners can then design a papercraft monster to fit round the micro:bit.

This lesson works well as an early/first level adjustment to our second level Micro:bit Data Monsters activity. Both versions could be run simultaneously in a mixed-level class. This has been tried and tested successfully in a mixed-level classroom containing P1s through to P7s!


Learners at Duns and Chirnside Primaries in the Scottish Borders making their Data Monsters.

Materials required:

    • A set of microbits (learners can work in pairs if need be)
    • Laptops or ipads to create the code
    • Scissors, tape or glue, and coloured pens for creating the papercraft monsters
    • Printable handouts, papercraft templates, and graph templates, all available below.

Printable resources:

Extension activities

Other useful resources for working with microbits

Micro:bit Data Monsters for P5-7!

The above activity is ideal for First (and even some Early) Level learners, but if you have a mixed-level class, or want to try using micro:bits with your P5-7 learners, check out our Micro:bit Data Monsters activity.

If you require a resource in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact detailing which resource(s) you require.