Create your own Zero-waste Data Physicalisation (or Fizzy Data, for short!)

In this activity that requires both creativity and understanding a data set, learners will create a fun, physical representation of a provided data set using the materials and tools available.

Take a look at our slides introducing the activity, data set, and some inspiration from past workshop participants’ creations!


The Kits

The kits can contain whatever reusable crafting materials or random objects you have lying around (the idea is to reduce waste by encouraging repurposing of objects, and also to use objects which can be easily dissembled and used again and again). However, if you’d like to get an idea of what you could use, or assemble a kit from scratch, we have a priced-up list of items you could purchase:

Fizzy Data Kit List

The Data

We have used a simplifed version of a data set from a 1974 psychology study. However, we are gathering more data sets that would work well for this activity and for learners of all ages (watch this space!). In the meantime, you can look through our Data Sets resource, or you could even have learners collect their own data!


Here are some images of what our previous workshop participants (teachers!) have created.

Note: This activity was inspired by a workshop some of our team members attended at the Information+ 2023 conference in Edinburgh. The workshop was organised by Sarah Hayes, Trevir Hogan, Rebecca Noonan and Denise Heffernan (Munster Technological University); Kim Sauve (University of Bath); and Martin Lindrup (Aalborg University).