Dear Data

This resource brings together 6 lessons that make use of the book Dear Data by Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi.

Lesson 1: An Introduction to data

Lesson 2: What’s the Story *Note: if the students have two lessons a week swap lesson 2 and 3*

Lesson 3: What is it going to look like?

Lesson 4: The Key to Data

Lesson 5: The Visualisation Comes Together

Lesson 6: Evaluation

Learning Intentions [Set of 6 lessons]

  • How to ask questions to allow more depth to data collected
  • How to uncover the story within the collected data
  • Using a visualisation to present the data so that others can discover information

Success criteria [Set of 6 lessons]

Have created a data self portrait using:

  • Adding depth questions to a data gathering task
  • Collecting data to match these questions
  • Interpreted the collected data to find the new information
  • Created a visualisation to allow fellow students and teachers to discover the information within your data.