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Lesson 1 Learning Intentions

  • What is Data Science
  • What is data science used for in the real world
  • Why do we look for more depth in our data
  • How do we get more depth to our data collection


  • Pen/pencil & paper
  • Data Collection worksheet

Lesson 1 – Main Activity

The main activity is split into 2 sections:

Asking Questions: This aligns to the Problem step of PPDAC the data problem solving framework.

Collecting Data: This aligns to the Plan step of PPDAC the data problem solving framework.

The slides contain several pair/group activities including:

  • Slide 12: Developing in depth questions
  • Slide 14: Develop the main question and extra depth questions on the topic of media use
  • Slide 16: Develop the main question and extra depth questions about a book

0-8 minutes: What is data science (vocabulary questions of definition collection, interrogation, and presentation) and What is it used for

8-20 minutes: Water example (Q can you tell me something with the data on the board? Is the person getting enough to drink, can they be more environmentally friendly …)

20-40 minutes: Writing Qs in a group come up with as many questions as possible on the task on the board, the first task follows on from the previous discussions

40-50 minutes: Explain homework task and start on writing depth questions on homework sheet, check students understand task

Homework activity

The final slide details homework to be completed before the next lesson. The data the learners will collect is needed as part of lesson 2. The final part of lesson 1 is helping learners define their questions and complete the template question table in the Data Collection Worksheet.