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Lesson 2 Learning Intentions

  • To find a story in the data collected from the Lesson 1 Homework exercise
  • To complete a more complex tally chart
  • Use a more complex tally chart to explore your data for unusual patterns

Success Criteria [This Lesson]

1.      Found a story in your data

2.      Worked on (hopefully completed) your complex tally chart

3.      Identified any unusual data in your collection


  • Pen/pencil & paper
  • Completed Data Collection worksheet
  • Blank Tally Chart worksheet

Main Activity

This lesson focuses on investigating the data the students collected in their homework task.

Students count the number of unique answers to each of their questions, then fill in a tally chart to identify common/rare answers, in order to help them find their data question.

The main activity is split into 2 sections:

  • A simple visualisation that helps us understand how much data was collected and how many unique answers were obtained.
  • A more complex visualisation that shows all the data collected and helps us find a story or patterns in the data.

Both sections aligns to the Analysis step of PPDAC the data problem solving framework.

The Simple Visualisation section requires learners to go through the data they collected since lesson 1 and count up the number of unique answers for each question.

The more complex visualisation extracts the collected data into a matrix style tally chart.  All instructions are in the slides.  Tally chart template as well as example data are available at the end of this file.

Students should note any reasons for data voids, collecting media and a full day of games on a Monday because there was a school holiday etc

Hold a plenary to discuss the findings. What patterns can they see in their own data.