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Data Education for Schools will transform data education for Scotland’s children by delivering a fully integrated data led curriculum, a comprehensive set of resources and a programme of teacher professional learning. This ambitious eight year programme will work with over 500 schools and 25% of Scottish learners ensuring that young people develop the confidence, competence and ambition to use data to benefit themselves and their communities.

By working with businesses we aim to combine the data education expertise of the project with the understanding of how data skills are applied in real-world projects to help young people in Scotland realise their potential. Doing the right thing with data is at the heart of the work we do. With a “data for good” mindset underpinning curriculum development, young people will understand their data rights and responsibilities while critically and ethically interpreting real-world data to make informed decisions.

In thinking long term we will deliver sustainable change in data education and teacher professional learning to ensure our young people are able to take advantage of the opportunities available to them by the transformation of the region’s economy into one driven by data and enabled by a world class data infrastructure.

So far, we have delivered the first school level data science qualification; The NPA Data Science, completed a technology audit, developed a framework for data learning, created a set of resources to support teachers in the classroom, developed a well structured and comprehensive professional learning program, and created a set of videos for our industry volunteers.

Partnering with us will help transform data education for Scotland’s children

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