Some resource links to support your exploration of seasonal data. If you have datasets you would like to see included on this page, please get in touch at (subject line ‘seasonal datasets’)

Valentines Day

National Retail Federation (US) Valentine’s day data visualisation and historical highlights Valentine’s ‘By the Numbers’ data visualisation comparing 2013 and 2014 data

The Cost of Love on Valentine’s Day infographic by RichMedia

A collection of famous love letters on Kaggle, created by Sreeram Venkitesh

What’s going on in this graph? a NY Times article examining female/male writing

Chinese New Year

Chinese Zodiac Signs data exercise on Kaggle, created by ‘elderyouth’

Statistics and facts on Chinese New Year by Statistica


Easter candy expenditure in the United States from 2007 to 2019

World Climate Day (June)

Environmental Monitoring Data from the UK Government

A variety of (US-focused) climate related data sets available from the National Centre for Environmental Information.

A guide to Global Internet Energy Usage by the energyhelpline


Follow the charmingly named gritters of Scotland with this live tracking page provided by Traffic Scotland


These Christmas datasets can help learners answer questions such as:

  • Are real Christmas trees more or less popular than articifial trees?
  • What countries post the most gifts?
  • What decade has the most white Christmases?
  • What is the most popular Christmas song?

Christmas Datasets from Data.World including Christmas tree sales in the US and Christmas Gifts in Romania.

Christmas Song sales from Kaggle

Open Christmas Data on the European Data Portal

Peak break-up times visualisation by Information is Beautiful

Christmas data visualisation blog by Matillion

2019 Christmas sales trends by the Centre for Retail Research

Visualising holiday data by Storytelling with data

US Christmas tree scent visualisation (Dec 2019) from Statista