The assessment for the Data Citizenship unit involved an online computer based assessment and a practical assessment.  We have made up an example practical assessment so that you can see what’s involved and be able to practice the sort of skills that will be involved in the real assessment.  Hopefully it will help you to see that it’s nothing to worry about!

What will be assessed?

In this assessment you will need to download a dataset from a link given to you.  You will need to carry out simple summaries of the data and interpret the data to answer some questions or solve a problem with the dataset.  After choosing the best types of visualisation to use to show that interpretation you will need to create two visualisations.  You will then need to make recommendations based on your interpretation of the dataset.


Part 1: Accessing the dataset 

Download and open the North American zoo and aquarium species dataset as a CSV file.
(It’s actually an Excel document but this is the text mentioned in the video so I’m keeping it like this, sorry!)

Part 2: Understanding the dataset 

Explore the data (for Task 2 and 3):

Looking at the data dictionary (for Task 2):

Part 3: Manipulate the dataset 

Delete unwanted columns (for Task 4):

Delete unwanted rows (for Task 5):

More in Part Two!

Note for educators:

The original dataset is on Figshare (short URL:  More information about the dataset and the study is available in a Nature article if you are interested.