Our Data Explorer cards introduce children and young people to a data problem-solving approach (PPDAC). The design builds on informal question-asking behaviours and supports learners’ exploration of data in relation to the themes of Lego! Birds! Lost Property! Plastics! or a theme of their choosing. Question prompts on the cards support learners to explore problems, plan, collect data, analyse and draw conclusions.

The cards could be used as part of whole class teaching (and are available as slides), or for group work. The open-ended nature of the curiosity led approach makes the cards suitable for use across all primary levels and will complement project-based learning across the curriculum. The cards are intentionally open-ended and flexible. One card might inspire a series of 5 minute conversations over a week, or a lesson (or series of lessons!)

Skills and concepts

  • Identifying and exploring questions about the world
  • Building skills and habits of mind for data-problem solving

Lego Explorer Cards

Birds Explorer Cards

Recycling Plastic Explorer Cards

Lost Property Explorer Cards

Create your own blank explorer cards

If you require a resource in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact dataschools@ed.ac.uk detailing which resource(s) you require.