‘Count and Be Counted: Exploring census and election data in Scotland’ took place on 30th March 2021.

How can you find out data about your community? What’s the average age? how healthy are you all? How did your community vote at the last election? How might they vote at the next?

With the Scottish elections taking place on the 6th May as well as the 2022 Scottish census on the horizon, this session will look firstly at how to ask and answer questions about your community with the existing Scottish census datasets.

Then speakers from the Scottish Election Survey will show how they use data sampling and surveys to make sense of the social and political landscape.

Participants at this session will also be given free access to the University of Edinburgh’s DataNation service. Teachers can use the DataNation service with learners to explore community data sets in a geospatial domain.

Our speakers

Professor Judy Robertson hosts Celia and Tom McIntyre, Fraser McMillan (Scottish Election Study), Anne Robertson (Data Nation), Harry Solomans (student, University of Edinburgh), Jenni Doonan and Kate Farrell (Data Education in Schools).

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