The project is offering professional learning in data literacy to teachers to help enhance their data skills and encourage delivery of data education in the classroom.

Professional learning in data literacy can take several forms. We are offering a range of teacher workshops delivered by our team of experts directly in schools. Over the course of the project we hope to create a structured set of micro-accredited courses in data skills for all teachers including a 4 day (hybrid) data literacy course for primary teachers. Our library of data education resources is mapped to the Curriculum for Excellence and searchable in a range of ways. Our Knowledge Sharing Community will create a collaborative and supportive learning community where data education is enhanced through peer to peer support and knowledge sharing.  Our events bring together subject matter experts offering examples of their own experiences in data education and related topics with time for reflective professional discussion to consider how aspects of the seminar could change our practice or impact our class activities. Our live lessons (Defend the Rhino, Data Selfie and Plug in the Numbers) bring teachers and learners together through a You Tube live stream event alongside a bespoke browser based activity.