The project is offering  professional learning in data literacy to teachers to help enhance their data skills and encourage delivery of data education in the classroom.

In the immediate aftermath of the Covid-19 lockdown professional learning will be delivered online, however in time we hope to return to being able to offer in person events.

The professional learning in data literacy can take several forms. Over the course of the project we hope to create a structured set of micro-accredited courses in data skills for all teachers. Our Knowledge Sharing Community will create a collaborative and supportive learning community where data education is enhanced through peer to peer support and knowledge sharing.

Initially the project is concentrating on providing a series of online learning events. These events will take several forms:

  • Online seminars – these will feature subject matter experts offering examples of their own experiences in data education and related topics
  • Professional reflections – following on from the seminar, participants will be encouraged to come together and have a reflective professional discussion. We will think about how aspects of the seminar could change our practice or impact our class activities.

Our events are all free, although we do limit attendance to encourage participation in discussions. All events can be booked on our events page.