Computing education with industry support

Helping young people develop digital skills is important part of their educational experience. It can be challenging to keep up to date with the ever increasing number programs and tools that we are using in the classroom. One way of gaining some support is to engage with people working in industry.

These videos contrast examples of poor practice (version 1) with examples of good practice (version 2).

Bug fixing – version 1

Supporting learners to identify, understand and resolve a problem.

Bug fixing – version 2

Group support – version 1

Contrasting approaches engaging group learners experiencing difficulties completing an activity.

Group support – version 2

Talking about your job – version 1

These examples consider appropriate use of technical language, when to use general or specific examples and weighing up positive and negative aspects of your work.

Talking about your job – version 2

Thanks to our colleague Craig Steele for helping with these videos. You can find out more about how Craig can help you on

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