Data literacy is becoming an increasingly important skill. The good news is that means many organisations are starting to develop apps &  tools to support data literacy with learners of all ages (an their teachers!) in their journey to develop their data skills. The list below provides links to some tools that can be used to augment classroom learning.

  1. Graph Literacy App: Developed by the Concord Consortium, this app is aimed at learners from P7 to S2, this app helps them to investigate equivalent graphs, learn to interpolate values, discover the difference between dependent and independent variables and more
  2. Gapminder Tools: Gapminder is an independant data organisation that aims to challenge misconceptions about the world using data. They have a wide range of charts and data on all aspects of global population, income, health and more. They also provide a range of teaching resources.
  3. Google Trends: Google Trends is a webpage that uses google search data to identify what is trending in the world. This can be a great way to engage young people in learning more about data as the trending topics often reflect current issues. You can explore what is trending in different parts of the world and within different topics like sport and news.
  4. Google GIF Maker: This tool allows learners to create their own GIF using data they have collected. Lots of fun and easy to change, it can help younger learners engage with data visualisation.

If you are a teacher or parent and regularly use other apps & tools to support data literacy, why not tweet us @data_schools letting us know what you are using and why its great.

Our Resources Page can offer ideas of how these apps and tools can be used in the classroom.

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