Data Explorers – Happy Graphs – Having fun with Twitter Data

Data Explorers is our occasional blog series that aims to provide interesting ideas and discussion topics using data. Each video is 8 to 10 minutes long and aimed at teachers and other adults. We aim to consider diverse topic areas that can inspire activities and conversations with young people both in the classroom and at home.

One of the things we say to young people is that data is everywhere. Some areas are more obvious than others, we’ve all seen graphs or tables on the news for example but other kinds of data are less obvious.

Social media platforms have some of the largest collections of data on people in the world. They often use this data to gain insights into how individuals and groups behave. One of the more playful topics that can be explored with social media data is our apparent happiness and how it correlates to certain events.

Kate Farrell explores graphs of happiness in this, our first Data Explorers post.


We hope you enjoyed Data Explorers – Happy Graphs!

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