Our Events for the Data Education in Schools program aims to deliver a wide range of information about data science and digital literacy to teachers. Events will take the form of seminars, live interactive lessons and professional discussions all held online.

We will be offering a range of professional learning discussions around data and digital.  Topics will include:

  • The National Digital Literacies Framework
  • Statistics in every day life – Applications to exam marking and coronavirus data
  • Understanding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data & Our Planet, looking at the internet of things
  • Elections & Fake news

We hope to develop a range of blog posts reflecting on the discussion each week. Blog posts can be viewed on our News pages

If you have a topic or area of interest for an event please email us dataschools@ed.ac.uk

Knowledge Sharing Community

Gain new skills & expertise and be part of a community of leaders in Scottish data education knowledge, skills, qualifications and careers. Come along to find out how to become part of the Data Education in Schools Knowledge Sharing Community - a growing group of teachers and educational professionals passionate about improving data education in Scotland, sharing their expertise and supporting learners aged 3-18 to develop the confidence, competence and ambition to use data to benefit themselves and their communities.

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Making sense of coronavirus data with your learners

Making data meaningful in the context of coronavirus. This event brings together researchers and professionals working to support improvements in curriculum design in maths and science.

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Physical Fitness and the Pandemic: what the data can tell your learners

What data tells us about the importance of physical activity for learners during the pandemic. What we know and what we don't know about physical activity and health - and why this matters to teachers - Dr Paul Kelly

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Dive into Data Science with the new NPA

Thinking of offering the new NPA in Data Science in your school or just want to find out more? Join us this evening to hear all about it. The National Progression Award in Data Science is a new national award from the SQA available throughout Scotland. It is designed to equip learners with the key foundational data skills and knowledge needed to begin pathways to employment in a range of data-related careers and to further study in Data Science.

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How to Defend the Rhino – PREVIEW Data Science Live Lesson

Learning to defend the rhino with data science, for teachers, schools and computing science students Behind the Scenes - Data Skills Live: Defend The Rhino 🦏

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Data Skills Live: Defend the Rhino

Save the rhino with data science Data Skills Live: Defend The Rhino 🦏

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