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September 7 - 09:00 am


March 15 - 05:00 pm

Data literacy is the ability to ask questions, collect, analyse, interpret, communicate about data. As technology makes it easier to collect vast amounts of data, the skills to use data to solve problems fairly will become even more important. This course, developed by experts in the field of digital and data literacy and primary teaching is an innovative and exciting opportunity for professional development. 

About the course 

  • There will be four full-day sessions on Wednesday 7 September 2022 (f2f), 9 November 2022 (online), 25 January 2023 (online), and 15 March 2023 (f2f). 
  • The course will be taught by Professor Judy Robertson and Dr Holly Linklater and will include collaboration with data scientists, colleagues in industry, and educational experts. 
  • Topics covered will include: 
    • Exploring how data is used to solve real life problems. From coronavirus dashboards in the newspaper, to the smart meters in your cupboard, to the Fitbit in your pocket:  data displays are everywhere. We’ll consider how data can be used ethically to make decisions and improve our lives.
    • The data cycle. We’ll learn about the Problem Plan Data Analysis Conclusion (PPDAC) cycle for data problem solving, and how you can teach this process to your learners in real life projects, both with and without technology. 
    • Links, strategies and big questions: We’ll explore how to develop strategies to ensure that every child participates meaningfully in opportunities to develop their data literacy. We will identify digital and non-digital pedagogical approaches to teaching data literacy, and explore how this may enrich the ways in which all learners are included in class activities. This is important to our commitment to close the attainment gap.

There are 15 places for teachers on the course. All primary school teachers in the South East of Scotland (City of Edinburgh, Fife, Borders, East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian) may submit an application for a place. Preference will be given to teachers who work in schools who are working to close the attainment gap, or to improve their technology provision. 

Cost for classroom cover will be provided.

Future courses

Interested in attending a future version of this course? Get in touch with us at dataschools@ed.ac.uk, subject line ‘ Data Literacy course (primary)’

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