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May 5


04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Data Education in Schools

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Find out how to use Data Nation with your learners.

Data Nation has been developed by EDINA, a centre for digital expertise at The University of Edinburgh, and combines official 2011 census data with contemporary and historical mapping.

In this workshop you will find out how to use Data Nation with your learners to explore local socio-economic conditions, view, analyse and personalise data. DataNation can offer:

– a method of introducing numbers and statistics through the use of real data that is directly relevant to learners

– the development of statistical enquiry across the curriculum

– access to large and meaningful real-world data sets

– socio-economic comparisons between different parts of the country

– improved understanding of a data gathering process, its purpose and benefits to society

– a mechanism for uploading different openly available dataset

– an opportunity to engage with, and therefore, understand the value of, open data sets

EDINA will offer you and your learners FREE trial access to Data Nation after this workshop for you to explore in class after this session. This session is targeted towards teachers of secondary school learners in Scotland.

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