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November 4


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Data Education in Schools

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Save the rhino with data science.

Data Skills Live: Defend The Rhino ?

Join our data science team and help stop a gang of rhino poachers. You’ll use data science skills to analyse CCTV data from across a South African national park. Then create your own machine learning model that recognises images of poachers, and work together to catch them before it’s too late.

This is based on a real life case study where conservationists and technologists in South Africa are using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to help save endangered wildlife.

This interactive and engaging workshop introduces learners to key data science topics including image classification and supervised machine learning. This gives learners the chance to experience working as a data scientist.

The workshop is suitable for learners from P7-S4. No previous experience of data science is required. However, a love of rhinos is encouraged.

To take part:

Teachers will need access to YouTube, as the live lesson video will be streamed using a private link. Learners will need to use Google Chrome web browser

We’ll email you information on how to join this event 2 days beforehand (via Eventbrite).

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