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November 16


10:00 am - 10:50 am

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Digital Skills Education

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Interactive hands-on lesson where pupils discover the mathematics behind winning a Formula 1 Championship

From pit stops to data plots, let’s discover the mathematics behind winning a Formula 1 Championship.

Join our exciting YouTube livestreamed interactive lesson for school pupils.

Your learners will join our “Fractal Racing” Formula 1 team as trainee data scientists. Using maths, data, and computer software, F1 data scientists play an important role in improving the performance of racing cars and help their team win.

Pupils will explore how data is captured from sensors on race cars, such as speed, acceleration, and tyre temperature.

Using real-life race statistics, such as lap times, average speeds, and pit stop durations, pupils will have to make critical decisions based on data. Should you recommend a pit stop for a tire change? How does the car’s current speed affect the chances of overtaking?

Finally, their skills will be put to the test as they use maths and data literacy skills to drive their team to victory in the Maths Week Scotland Grand Prix.

Important Info

Target age: P6 to S2

No additional software is required, only a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

On the day:

  • The class teacher will be sent a link to a live YouTube to play to the class.
  • School pupils will visit our website, and play along at the same time.
  • You don’t need to install anything, or prepare anything in advance.

Can’t take part live?

  • We keep the private livestream available after the lesson, you can watch it on-demand! If you register we’ll give your class a shoutout.

Supported by the Data Education in Schools team, based at the University of Edinburgh.

Supported by Maths Week Scotland.

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