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May 9


05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

On 9th May Kate Farrell will join the Raspberry Pi Foundation to talk about data literacy.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation hosts regular online seminars focusing on current computing education research topics. Featuring presentations from researchers from around the world, the seminars provide the opportunity to hear about some of the latest work in the field of computing education research, make connections with fellow researchers, and take part in discussions.

Teaching primary learners how to be data citizens

Data science is the ability to collect, analyse, interpret, and communicate and ask questions about data. As technology makes it easier to collect vast amounts of data, the skills to use data to solve problems will become even more important to today’s learners.

This session will introduce you to how data literacy can be taught in primary and early years education across different curricular areas. We will see how learners can explore data to solve real-life problems to benefit their schools and communities. We will look at digital and non-digital pedagogical approaches to teaching data science and the range of available resources and ideas, including our popular live lessons that have been played by over 20,000 learners.

Join us to find out how learners can explore data through everyday objects like Lego bricks; investigate their world by seeing data from the pressure waves from volcanoes; and use data to defeat a group of eco-friendly, yet villainous, Vikings!


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