Earlier in the year we asked for your help voting for the “Strength in Borders: Sourcing Global Data Science Innovation” session to be included in the SXSW EDU 2024 programme of events.

We’re thrilled that the session has been included and that Kate Farrell (Data Education in Schools) will be joining Ronit Nehemia (Israel Ministry of Education, Conrad Wolfram (Wolfram), and Tue Halgreen (OECD) at the event.

SXSW is short for South by Southwest, a conference and festival that celebrates (amongst other areas) innovative technology and gaming. SXSW EDU is the education focused element  of the annual conference and festival that takes place in Austin, Texas.

About the session

U.S. education leaders lament our relative progress to other countries, but do little to proactively collaborate with those who are charging ahead. But K-12 data science does things differently. Born from global collaboration, data science education advocates leveraged global connections to accelerate a new field from its inception. From the first-ever cross-country K-12 learning framework to international exchange of research and curricula models, join us to learn how going global made data science education a reality and what lessons we can learn from our partners across the globe.


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