Live lessons use principles of game-based learning including interactive, immersive story telling to spark learners’ interest, engage them in hands-on activities and illustrate how information handling skills can benefit society.

Defend the Rhino

Decorative image of rhinoJoin our data science team and help us stop a gang of rhino poachers. You’ll use data science skills to analyse security camera data from across Kruger national park in South Africa. This is based on a real life case study where conservationists and technologists in South Africa are using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to help save endangered wildlife. Let’s work together to use our technology skills to save the rhino! Go to ‘Defend the Rhino’ activity

Plug in the Numbers

Decorative image of footprints with line graphUse data science skills to fight climate change in this interactive activity. You’ll create a proposal for a renewable energy system for YOUR school. You’ll need to work with energy usage data, geolocation data, satellite imagery, and earth observation data collected by NASA. Your goal is to find out how much electricity could be generated using a solar panel on your school roof. Go to ‘Plug in the Numbers’ activity

Data Selfie

Decorative image of hands holding a phone taking a selfie Use code to create a data-driven piece of digital art all about you! You will also investigate the code to see how it all works and make changes to create your own data selfie. This activity uses P5js, a creative coding library that makes it easy to create data visualisations. You’ll enhance your data science skills by diving into the code to create art with data visualisations. This creative code exercise combines coding with art, showing how small code changes can create drastically different visual results. Go to ‘Data Selfie’ activity

Data Escape rooms

Decorative image of rollercoasterLearners  become Trainee Agents of DATA solving puzzles to defeat evil time-travelling villains and foil their dastardly plans across 4 activities.  The Agents will have to use graphs, charts, maps and logic to uncover the plots and crack the secret codes. Along the way they are introduced to the basics of internet infrastructure, data centres, cybersecurity, and other digital and data skills topics. The ‘Locked in the DATA base’ activity includes a video you can pause and play as your learners work through the lesson Go to ‘Data Escape’ activities