Tune Into Data took place on 27th January 2021.

Professor Judy Robertson hosts Craig Steele, David Corbell, Jo Spiller, Kate Farrell and Jenni Doonan to talk about Data and Music.

Do you want to find out more about how the music you listen to creates data patterns? These data patterns; who is listening to what, where and how, can be used by the music industry and individual artists to inform the marketing, touring and creative decisions they make.

Music can also be used to represent data patterns in a variety of creative ways. What happens if you take climate change data and create a symphony from it or if every time a Wikipedia page is updated a sound is made, what would these sound like? What other ways can sonification be used to represent data creatively and meaningfully?

This seminar will focus on some practical approaches that use the theme of music to explore data within the curriculum. It will look at a data sonification project that was undertaken recently with a large local secondary schools and introduce a set of classroom resources from the Data Education in Schools team that focus on personal music preferences and the questions that can be asked of music datasets. We will also hear from a singer/songwriter who discovered some interesting and surprising things about his own listeners from the data available to him as an artist.

Image (event banner): The Colour of Music by Ben Moss, via Tableau 

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