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September 1


08:30 am - 03:30 pm

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Data Education in Schools

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Informatics Forum, The University of Edinburgh

10 Crichton Street, Newington, EH8 9AB

Newington, Edinburgh, GB, EH8 9AB

Bringing together teachers who want to learn more about data literacy.

Data literacy helps learners make informed decisions, solve everyday problems and understand the world around them.

This free event will bring together teachers who want to learn more about data literacy and try out a range of practical workshops, hear from others who have introduced data learning in their class and learn from practitioners already on their data journey.

All resources from the workshops will be available for participants to take away and try straight away in their schools.

This small event is focused on providing teachers with professional learning that provides practical ideas on how to add data literacy to their class activities and highlight where it is already taking place. While we welcome teachers from across Scotland we hope to encourage registrations from those working in the local authorities of the Lothians, Fife, Scottish Borders and the City of Edinburgh.


A series of interactive workshops will give you easy to implement ideas for your class and access to a wide variety of resources that provide data learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Data Selfies: Data is art! Come to this workshop to learn how to code your own self-portrait using personal data. (BGE Level 2/3)

Data Escape Room: Use your data skills to save your team from the evil Vikings! You and your team will need to sneak in and find the plans to the Vikings’ WMD (Weapon of Maths and Data) and foil their plans by stealing the laser-targeting diamond from the safe, using only your wits and your data interpretation skills to solve the puzzles.

Microbits and Data: Make data shine! Learn how to use Microbits to create data visualisations using LEDs. Gather data then illuminate a pie chart in this step by step activity using Microbits and Halos.

Using Data Around Us: How can you detect a volcanic eruption on the other side of the world using a pressure sensor? How can you predict when your class feel snoozy using a CO2 monitor? Come along to this workshop to learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) project and the use of classroom sensors that gauge CO2, temperature, humidity, air pressure and light levels to support data learning.

Learn about the NPA in Data Science: Find out more about the National Progression Award in Data Science and the resources available to support you in offering this course at level 4, 5 or 6.


Hear from practitioners in your area who are using data literacy activities in their classes and learn about their journey and experiences. Get practical advice and find out about resources and activities that you can easily try in your school.

Resources & Support:

The Data Education for Schools team will be available to answer questions about data learning and teaching throughout both days of the event. All participants will be given access to a set of learning activities and classroom resources to run their own data escape room and a variety of extension tasks.

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