The Data Education in Schools team are inviting primary teachers to join them online w/c 28th August. The two events will bring the team together with teachers from across Scotland to discuss ‘Teach Data Literacy: a guide for primary teachers’ share ideas, answer questions and think about how teachers are already using the resource.

Data Literacy in the curriculum

Data literacy is the set of skills and concepts which people need to understand, interpret and make decisions based on the data they encounter in the world around them. There is no official area of the curriculum, or topic, labelled “data literacy” the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. However it is relevant across the curriculum in outcomes for maths, literacy, technologies, and social studies.

This handbook sets out how, building on children and young people’s curiosity about their world, teachers can enhance opportunities for all to build the skills and habits of mind relevant to data problem-solving.

All primary schools in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland city region area received a copy of the handbook at the start of the 2023-24 school year. The handbook is also available to download (link below)

Registration links

Tuesday 29th August, 4-5pm

Friday 1st September, 1-2pm

Download ‘Teach Data Literacy: a guide for primary teachers’ 

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