We’re delighted to see the article ‘Building Data Literacy’ by Dr Serdar Abaci  (Lecturer in Data and Digital Literacies) included in Issue 97 of the GTCS digital publication ‘Teaching Scotland’.

The article links to the Scottish Government Digital Strategy and includes quotes from teachers already engaging with the Data Education in Schools programme of work.

‘It is important for students to realise that they leave a significant digital footprint, and we have discussed ways to use their data effectively. This has been an effective way to integrate the topic into classroom discussions’ (Teacher)

Dr Serdar Abaci is based in the Institute of Education, Teaching and Leadership at Moray House School of Education and Sport. Serdar’s research interests include data and digital literacies, formative assessment and feedback, online learning, and evaluation of teaching and learning technologies.

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Dr Serdar Abaci

Scottish Government Digital Strategy

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