We know from our teacher community it can be difficult to travel for professional learning so we’re changing our professional learning model and our bringing our workshops to you!

  • Thank Microbit, it’s Friday! All our workshops for 2022-23 will be bookable on a Friday.
  • We’ll bring everything we need with us for each session or we will let you know if a workshop requires you to provide specific facilities.
  • The more the merrier. You can host a workshop for your school or your entire cluster!
  • If you would like, we can run a session for your learners the morning of your workshops. This can be arranged once we’ve confirmed the date for your PL workshop.

How to book

  1. Identify which workshop(s) you’re interested in from the descriptions below.
  2. Complete the workshop booking form 
  3. We will get in touch to answer any queries you may have, and to confirm which of your preferred dates your workshop will take place on.
  4. Invite your (teacher) friends!
  5. Make yourself a cup of tea and put your feet up – we’ll arrange the rest!

Data Escape Room:

Use your data skills to save your team from the evil Vikings! You and your team will need to sneak in and find the plans to the Vikings’ WMD (Weapon of Maths and Data) and foil their plans by stealing the laser-targeting diamond from the safe, using only your wits and your data interpretation skills to solve the puzzles.

You will need to provide:

Data and information handling across the curriculum:

Data literacy is increasingly important for understanding our world and a crucial skill for our learners moving into the workplace. But what is data literacy and how can we teach it? This session will introduce you to fun activities that cover outcomes in numeracy, literacy, science, Computing Science and other STEAM subjects. Find out how learners can explore sustainable development goals such as plastics in the ocean, or topical issues such as refugees using data skills. Encourage learners to be critical activists by investigating issues in their communities then use data to propose and implement solutions.

You will need to provide:

Intro to Microbits:


You will need to provide:

Microbits and Data:

Make data shine! Learn how to use Microbits to create data visualisations using LEDs. Gather data then illuminate a pie chart in this step by step activity using Microbits and Halos.

You will need to provide:

Using Data Around Us:

How can you detect a volcanic eruption on the other side of the world using a pressure sensor? How can you predict when your class feel snoozy using a CO2 monitor? Come along to this workshop to learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) project and the use of classroom sensors that gauge CO2, temperature, humidity, air pressure and light levels to support data learning.

You will need to provide: