Your Day of Data. Your life with data 

Your career is likely to involve using data. Whatever sector you want to work in, from health and social care, construction, engineering, early years and childcare, tourism, to the creative industries, or beyond, your role is likely to include understanding and thinking about data, or talking about data, or collecting and analysing data, or even creating new ways of helping colleagues think about data. You might even use data and AI skills in a surprising range of industries.

Your future life will involve data too, from understanding the news, managing your finances, looking after your health, taking care of your personal data, or developing a hobby.  

That’s why organisations from across south-east Scotland have joined together for these Day of Data events, to help you explore the world of data skills through a variety of fun and interactive activities.  

Day of Data Teachers’ Edition Conference

BGE and Beyond (secondary teachers), 1st September 2022, 8.30am – 3.30pm

Data Across the Curriculum (primary teachers), 2nd September 2022, 8.30am – 3.30pm

Skills for life 

Data skills are skills for life and are valuable to develop whatever your career, or life stage. The Data Skills for Work programme is creating routes for those already in work, or returning to work, to develop everything from basic data literacy to advanced data science skills. Find out more about funding and opportunities on the Data Skills for Work website, or explore the courses available at the college partners below.  

Parents and carers can find out more about supporting young people with their career choices at the My Kid’s Career website.  

Develop your data skills for your future 

We’ve developed a new qualification – the National Progression Award in Data Science – to help you develop your skills in data analysis.

Show you’re looking to the future with your skills and qualifications with one of the first data science qualifications for schools in the world. Colleges and schools across Scotland now offer this qualification at levels 4, 5 and 6 (equivalent to the traditional National 4, National 5 and Higher level qualifications).  

Colleges across southeast Scotland offer courses for young adults, and for people in work or returning to work. Find out more about the data skills available at our Day of Data partner colleges:  

Mailing list 

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The Day of Data team 

The Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Skills Gateway is creating opportunities for young people across the Edinburgh and South East Scotland city region to develop data skills and literacies, gain qualifications in data science and pursue new and exciting careers in a data-rich world. The DDI Skills Gateway brings together the City Region’s industry, universities, colleges, schools and others to provide routes into data or digital careers. It covers basic and key skills in schools through to advanced postgraduate training and research. For more information on the DDI Skills Gateway and its schools and college strands, visit: 

Our partners for the Day of Data events include